State Failures: The Ditch in print

Get a copy of The Ditch in print here.

The ways the Irish state fails people aren’t remarkable. These failures don’t just occur here. They’re the kind of failures that happen almost anywhere, in most liberal democracies, rather than Only in Ireland. 

Here’s what we think of these failures.

Featuring contributions from the country's sharpest writers and produced in collaboration with Spicebag's Council. This is is State Failures.

With writing from Caelainn Hogan, Daniel Finn, Frank McDonald, Leopold O’Shea, Sinéad Mercier, Rachel Connolly, Harry Browne, Róisín O’Shea, Brian O’Flynn, Niamh Cavanagh, Pádraig Ó Meiscill, as well as The Ditch's three Senior Hurlers, you can get your copy here.